Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Give Santa a Hand...Rent Toys!

It could help an overworked Santa and his elves regain a little sanity. The holidays are typically all about hunting down the most popular toys and games for kids – many which sell out fairly quickly, but an alternative exists that could save both time and money. Renting.

Instead of plunking down a huge amount of cash to buy, consider a membership to an online toy or video game Web site. This will give the recipient a chance to get new toys or try different games while you’re still paying the freight.

Two Web sites have toys for young children and video games for the older set.

BabyPlays.com, an online toy rental Web site, features a variety of membership plans that range from three months to a year. Then the parent and child can select as many lead-tested, sanitized toys as they like for their “wish list” which they receive within a few days.

The child can then keep the toys for 30 or 60 days depending on the plan – with no late fees. Ready for new ones? Then pack up the old toys exchange them for new ones with the postage-page shipping labels. Policies about what happens if the toy gets broken is on the company’s Web site.

Gamefly.com rents video games for the most popular systems including Playstation and Wii. Like BabyPlays.com, the gamer add the games they want to try on the their list. The Web site charges a flat monthly fee of $22.95 plus tax, to rent two games at a time, with free shipping, or one game at a time for $15.95 a month. Send back the old game in the postage paid envelope and get a new one.

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