Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Even though October is just beginning, the holidays are coming up quickly. Many retailers are already adorning there walls and walkways with red and green decorations and are even running their holiday promotions.
Last year over 200 people joined BabyPlays in December with the purpose of taking their first shipment of toys, wrapping each toy and putting them under the tree. How many Christmas's have your kiddos opened all of their presents and within a few weeks those toys were just in the group of toys in your playroom that never get played with? A box of BabyPlays toys makes the perfect enhancement to whatever special gifts you are planning purchase.

With BabyPlays you can put 5 toys under your Christmas tree for the price of 1, and when your children are bored with those toys, they can be set back an exchanged for new toys. This holiday season, with a struggling economy and tight budgets, BabyPlays is the perfect answer.

Because we know so many people are early planners, we want to be in the fore front of your mind for the upcoming holiday season.

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