Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some Great Resources for your Next Vacation

BabyPlays is exciting to be partnering with Babies Travel Lite. In addition to our monthly plans, we offer travel plans that can be purchased for a 1 time cost. We are delighted to be shipping to any destination within the United States. If you are planning a ski trip this year, the travel plans offer a perfect solution to the downtime between hitting the slopes.
Johnnie Seago, BabyPlays Travel member comments, " My family took a ski trip last year and all of my grandchildren were coming. I rented a box of 8 toys for the kids to have for the times we were in the lodge. It was a life saver to have some new toys for the kids to enjoy when we were so tired from skiing!"

Babies Travel Lite offers many additional items that will be helpful for travel. They are dedicated to making traveling with a baby easier and more enjoyable.

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